Maya means Magic, the power in creation, by which limitations and divisions exist in the oneness - the true reality. Contrary to her name, Maya life wasn't magical in the beginning, she lost her father at a young age, and had to deal with this for a very long time but the young 'magical girl' understood quite early in her life that "you are responsible for the magic in your life, and to conquer oneself and one's mind, is the goal we all should fight for". Maya dedicated a larger part of her life in building her own family and supporting multiple causes for the betterment of the surroundings. In her early 40's, she felt that it was time to go global and create a brand which is "Magical" in all terms.

"Life is a work of art and togetherness", you will hear this quite often when you interact with her, and she will also mention that "Life is more beautiful when shared with family and loves ones, and have at least one meal a day with them", after all a mother knows what makes a house "home", one of the main reasons which make her quite different from other entrepreneurs. She has excelled in all the lovely relationship in life - a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and above all, a strong woman. She also promotes Women Empowerment and nurtures young talent in their 360-degree development to face the world, and to be a fierce and independent woman.

Maya is well-traveled and is quite passionate about knowing the various culture, art, and design. She is also a firm believer in Veganism, Meditation, and art of living. In 2018, she decided to build something on her own, she had the concept, she knew what was missing in the Tableware Industry, that led to the foundation of "Morgiana", and since then Maya hasn't looked back. Morgiana defines a beautiful, strong and fearless woman that can overcome anything, which pretty much Maya believes in, and strives for. Morgiana is all about art, design, and amalgamated with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. The goal is to meet the taste of Global Customers, Art Connesseiurs, Home Decor enthusiasts, and Green Consumers by promoting and providing high-quality eco-friendly and bio-degradable products with great designs.
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